Friday, March 23, 2018

Khwaabon Ka Safar by Mahesh Bhatt (Book Review: 3.75*/5) !!!

Bollywood or say, Hindi Film Industry is something that has kept people of India united since its introduction. For any movie lover, knowing about its history and how the world of cinema progressed in all these years is the most exciting part. I have always tried searching good books on Bollywood but rarely do I find any. I recently picked up a book based upon the popular television show called “Khwaabon Ka Safar” with the same title written by Mahesh Bhatt. And when someone as prominent as him talks about the history of film studios, you have to read it no matter what.

The book discusses how the film studio formed in India pre-independence and post-independence and how they contributed in the progression of the Indian cinema’s well-being. It lets us know how World War 2 effected all the film studios in existence because of fund and investment issues. The book talks about the cinema changing right from silent movies to talking movies and how it generated more movie makers in our country. The way each and every studio is talked about by concentrating on their brand and value factor along with the reasons why it started falling down without being biased towards it- is the real USP of the book.

The book talks about the studios such as Prabhat Film company, New Theatres studio, Bombay Talkies, Rajkamal Kalamandir, Filmistan Studio, Mehboob Studio, Rajshri production, R. K. Studios, Navketan films, Bimay Roy productions, Guru Dutt films, B.R. Films and Filmalaya studio. The contribution of all the studios and how they launched various artists who went on becoming the legends later on is very well described. The book is nicely researched which helps us understand the contemporary times and the challenges faced by the proprietors and founders of each studio. The language used in the book is easy which helps you finish it in one sitting without getting confused in difficult words and sentences. I give this book 3.75* out of 5.



Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Unmet Needs of Entrepreneurship by S. Parthasarathy (Book Review: 4.25*/5) !!!

I am just done reading a business book after completing a very intense spiritual book and the shift that my mind has taken is beyond explainable. Haha! Business books are known to be boring and meant only for the management people who do not have any life and always indulge themselves in books that are based upon how to be a good entrepreneur or manager and run the business. But not every business book is boring. I am just done reading S. Parthasarathy’s “Unmet Needs of Entrepreneurship” which also comes with a tagline saying “Why entrepreneurs do what they do”.

The book begins in an obvious protocol discussing about the goals, vision, mission etc. which made me remember my MBA books and it wasn’t much different from academic stuff. But as the book progressed, with chapters, author started talking with us in his own language and formulas which sounds logical. Author does not shy away from speaking the same thing in different manner to make you understand the point which actually makes this book readable and something which will make you learn something after you turn its last page.

Author has used easy English to explain his points rather than throwing random jargons to confuse the reader. I liked how author compared and managed to explain the met and unmet needs of an entrepreneur. My personal favorite chapter is where the author discusses the entrepreneur’s dilemma of being a pioneer or a follower. Also, the point discussed about entrepreneurs having empathy for his/her team is well projected. This book needs to be read by every person who wishes to be a good manager, leader or entrepreneur at best. I will give this book 4.25* out of 5.



Monday, March 19, 2018

Home at Last by Sarada Chiruvolu (Book Review: 3*/5) !!!

Reading spirituality is a fun that you will not experience in any other books if you are interested and curious about the subject. These days the only genre I crave for is spiritualism. I am just done reading another book on the same subject titled “Home At Last” written by the authoress “Sarada Chiruvolu”. The book also has the tagline of “A Journey to Higher Consciousness”. Sarada, the authoress, has taken us on the path of attaining the highest consciousness by narrating her own experience of how she began turning towards spirituality to how she met her teacher who helped her explore the way towards enlightenment and finally how she was able to reach the zenith of this whole course.

The book is published in a very high quality by Amaryllis publication with shiny pages and colourful photographs. The only drawback of the same is that the weight of the book is so heavy that it almost becomes difficult to read it by holding in one hand or while traveling. You can only read it by keeping on the table at your home. Sarada has very nicely taken the readers on the path of meditation and its effect by giving her own examples and sharing her experiences up to whatever depth was possible. I liked the way she started the book by sharing with us the day directly when she attained the finale and saw what is believed to be meeting with God in you. 

And later on, the way she took on the journey gradually also enables the readers to understand what she is preparing us for. The best part about the book is that no where she is trying to enforce her ideologies upon readers. Her language is also simple which makes it easy for readers to comprehend what she means to say even when she talks about the experiences which only a spiritual person can understand. Talking about the drawback of the book, I must say it is very boring. Yes! Authoress covers her whole experience in a single flow itself in a monotonous voice without giving any examples which are described in a little light and different way which can help reader to get refreshed in between. 

Even though the book is of only 190 pages, it took me more than one week to complete it just because it becomes difficult to read it more than 20 pages in one go. Authoress should read more books on spirituality and meditation to understand how to write on such topics by keeping the things light and not too serious as she has done in her first attempt. Overall, the book is quite different from other spiritual books as very less enlightened people discuss what exactly is experienced with meditation etc. and how it changes their mindset. I give this book 3* out of 5. 



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